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Terms of Service

Weventum OÜ (hereinafter Weventum), registry code 16250745, address Valukoja tn 8/2, Tallinn, 11415, email address info@weventum.com.

When visiting and using the Weventum website or mobile application (hereinafter the Environment), the following terms of service apply to the user of the Environment (hereinafter the Buyer):

  1. Tickets
    1. Weventum manages the Environment, where it is possible for the Buyer to purchase tickets for events added to the Weventum Environment by the event organizer (hereinafter the Organizer).
    2. Weventum does not take any responsibility for the organization of the event. The Organizer is responsible for the event.
    3. Weventum does not buy back or exchange tickets. Weventum also does not replace destroyed, damaged or lost tickets. In case the event is canceled or the place / time of the event is changed, the Organizer is responsible for repurchasing or reimbursing the ticket.
    4. By entering data into the Weventum Environment, the Buyer consents to the transfer of his data to third parties, if the activity is related to the performance of the contract between the Organizer and Weventum
    5. After paying for the ticket in the internet bank or with credit card, the Buyer will receive the ticket immediately to the e-mail address entered by him. If the tickets did not arrive at the e-mail address entered by the Buyer within 10 minutes, the Buyer is obliged to inform Weventum.
    6. When purchasing a discounted ticket, Weventum does not check whether the conditions necessary for obtaining the discount have been met by the Buyer. Having a discounted ticket does not guarantee admission to the event - compliance with the buyer's discount conditions is checked at the venue.
  2. Rights and obligations of the buyer
    1. By performing any action in the Weventum Environment, the Buyer confirms the following:
      1. he / she is at least 18 years old, a natural person with active legal capacity (a person under 18 years of age confirms that he / she has the appropriate consent to use the Environment, including the purchase of a ticket, from his / her legal representative who has provided them with the means to purchase the ticket) or he / she is a legal person whose representative has all the rights to use the Environment on behalf of that legal person and to assume obligations to that legal person;
      2. he / she duly complies with all the conditions of use of the Environment;
      3. he / she provides only the correct data;
      4. he / she ensures the security and confidentiality of his / her username and password;
      5. he / she is aware that the ticket must be kept in a safe place.
    2. When registering as a user of the Environment, the Buyer is obliged to provide true personal data about himself / herself, including his / her real name.
    3. The Buyer undertakes to refrain in any way or by any means from interfering in the operation of the Environment and technical solutions. Any activity that may result in overloading or disruption of the Environment is prohibited. Monitoring the use of the Environment (tracking, counting) and copying, reproducing, using, modifying and publishing the data obtained for any purpose is prohibited.
    4. The Buyer is aware that pursuant to § 53 (4) 72 of the Law of Obligations Act he / she does not have the right to withdraw the purchased tickets within 14 days.
    5. The Buyer agrees to Organizer refund policies described on the event page or, in their absence, with minimum requirements of Organizer refund policies
    6. Refunds. All transactions are between an Organizer and its respective Buyer. If Buyer determines that a refund is due under the terms of the Organizer refund policy, then Buyer can initiate the payment refund process described in Organizer refund policy.
  3. Weventum's rights and obligations
    1. Weventum has the right to block the Buyer's right to purchase if Weventum suspects that the Buyer is acting dishonestly, illegally or provides false information.
    2. Weventum is not responsible for errors caused by third parties that may lead to a situation where money transfer or card payment may fail.
    3. Weventum is not liable for any damages resulting from the receipt of the ticket by third parties (incl. if the ticket falls into the hands of third parties due to entering an incorrect e-mail address).
    4. Weventum is not responsible for the content, comments, etc. added to the Environment by the Organizers and Buyers.
    5. Weventum is the chief processor of personal data, Weventum forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor MONTONIO FINANCE OÜ.
  4. Purchase process
    1. Find a suitable event in our environment.
    2. Select the ticket type and quantity for the purchase.
    3. Fill in the required fields for the purchase process and choose the payment method that suits you (bank link or credit card).
    4. By selecting "Bank Links", you can pay for tickets in euros (EUR) with the following payment methods:
        Estonian bank links: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank.
    5. After successful payment, we will send the tickets to the e-mail address entered.
  5. Intellectual property
    1. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, modification and publication of the data of the Weventum Environment (including the content of the website and the mobile application) for any purpose without the written consent of Weventum is prohibited.
  6. Personal data
    1. Questions related to the processing of personal data are regulated by Weventum Privacy Policy and legislation in this area.
  7. Final provisions
    1. Weventum reserves the right to change the terms of service unilaterally and without prior notice. Amendments and additions to the terms of service shall enter into force on the date of their publication in the Environment, unless the amendments and additions provide otherwise.
    2. The laws adopted in the Republic of Estonia apply to the use of the Environment.
    3. Disputes arising from the use of the environment shall be resolved in Harju County Court on the basis of these terms of service and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Valid from 16.07.2021