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Organizer refund policy

Weventum OÜ (hereinafter Weventum), registry code 16250745, address Valukoja tn 8/2, Tallinn, 11415, e-mail address info@weventum.com.

When creating event on Weventum platform (hereinafter the Environment), the following refund policies apply to the legal entity organizing the event registered in the Environment (hereinafter the Organizer):

  1. Refund Policies and Administration

    At a minimum, if selling tickets, event must have a refund policy that meets the following minimum requirements:

    1. Refund policies must be posted on the applicable event page;
    2. An event may have a "No Refund" policy, but the refund policy must still offer a refund to the ticket owner (hereinafter the Participant) or make good in situations where the event has been canceled, or there was a complete failure to deliver the advertised goods & services that were purchased by the Participant.
    3. If refunds are permitted, the refund policy must define a time frame that refund requests will be responded to, which must not exceed five (5) business days after the request is received.
    4. If refunds are permitted and refund and/or cancellation fees are charged, any costs associated with the refund must be clearly described in the event's refund policy. It's important that event Participant understand the cost associated with requesting a refund to avoid disputes.
    5. Any refund policy must be in accordance with all applicable local, state, provincial and other laws, rules and regulations, including all requirements set forth by any Card Schemes or payment methods.
    6. An event refund policy should not be materially changed once it has been published and payments have been received.

    Please note that if a refund policy is not set, or does not meet all of the minimum requirements defined above, Weventum reserves the rights to modify your event refund policy so that it meets our minimum refund policy requirements.

  2. Refund Process

    Depending on the refund type, there are multiple ways to initiate the refund process.

    Weventum refund- Participant can initiate the payment refund process by providing information on the ticket refund page or by contacting the Organizer directly.

    Organizer refund - Participant can initiate the payment refund process by contacting the Organizer directly.

    No refund - Participant can contact the Organizer to see if they are willing to refund payment.

  3. Weventum Review

    In the event that Organizer fails to honor a refund that a Participant believes is due under the applicable refund policy and/or the minimum requirements set forth above, then the Participant may contact Weventum to request refund. Weventum will process any request within 30 business days and will review the evidence available and circumstances of the refund request in order to determine if a refund is due in accordance with the applicable event refund policy. If Weventum determines that a refund is due under the terms of the Organizer refund policy, Weventum may (if possible) issue a refund on behalf of the Organizer under the terms of Organizer refund policy.

  4. Weventum and third-party transaction fees

    The Weventum fees billed from the Organizer are not refundable unless the event is canceled and Weventum refund refund policy is selected

    When the Weventum refund refund policy is selected, then on event cancellation third-party transaction fees (bank transaction fees, credit card transaction fees, etc.) need to be covered either by the Organizer or Buyer. Transaction fee absorption can be set in the event refund policy.

  5. No Insurance or Guarantee

    These Organizer refund policy are not intended to be and do not constitute an offer to insure the performance of or to guarantee the performance of any Organizer and are not a guarantee that refunds will be issued in any given situation.