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Ticket refudning info organizer

At Weventum, we understand that things don't always go as planned and that's why we offer three different refund policies to help protect our customers. You can find Organizer refund policy from here. Here's an overview of each one:
  1. Weventum refund: Weventum helps you manage all the event refunds. Ticket owners can easily submit a refund request from here. You only have to accept or reject the request, all the refunding process is managed by us.

    If an event is cancelled, Weventum will automatically start the refund process where all the Ticket owners receive a refund for their ticket purchase. There are two different transaction fee absorption options for that:
    1) Organizer - You as an Organizer will absorb all the transaction fees (any bank or credit card fees) and Ticket owners will receive a full refund of their tickets.
    2) Ticket owner - The ticket owner will absorb all the transaction fees and will receive the ticket price minus any transaction fees as their refund amount.

    By choosing Weventum refund, Organizer is able to withdraw event ticket revenue only after a successful event. We will release all the ticket revenue for the Organizer after 24h of the successful event when there are no active ticket refund processes.
  2. Organizer refund: You as an Organizer have to manage all the refunds by yourself. If the refund policy differs from the Weventum Organizer refund policy, then it needs to be stated on the event page.

    By choosing Organizer refund, you can withdraw event ticket revenue at any time.
  3. No refund: If you choose to not refund tickets for Ticker owners, you still must offer a ticket refund on event cancelation.

    By choosing No refund, you can withdraw event ticket revenue at any time.