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Ticket refudning info

At Weventum, we understand that things don't always go as planned and that's why we offer three different refund policies to help protect our customers. Here's an overview of each one:
  1. Weventum refund: If an event is cancelled by Organizer or Weventum for any reason, all ticket holders are eligible to receive a refund of their ticket. The final refund amount may differ by who is absorbing the transaction fees. If the Organizer absorbs the transaction fees, then the Ticket holder will receive the full ticket price. If the Ticket holder absorbs the transaction fees, then the Ticket holder will receive the ticket price minus any bank or credit card fees. Transaction fees are clearly communicated on the event page under "Refund policy".

    If the event is not cancelled, the Ticket owner can also refund the ticket event with Weventum Refund. You can create refund request to Organizer from here
  2. Organizer refund: In some cases, event organizers may offer their own refund policy, which could be different from the Weventum refund policy. This is typically stated in the event listing or on the organizer's website. If an organizer offers a refund, ticket holders will need to contact them directly to request a refund.
  3. No refund: Some events, such as concerts or sporting events, may not offer refunds under any circumstances. This will be clearly stated in the event listing and ticket terms and conditions. In these cases, ticket holders will be able to request refund only on event cancelation. The ticket holders may contact Organizer to see if they are willing to refund tickets under some circumstances.
Overall, Weventum is committed to providing our customers with a range of refund options to ensure that they have the support they need when it comes to managing their event We encourage customers to reach out to us or the event organizer if they have any questions or concerns about their ticket purchase.